Met4 is brought to you by SaveurVape. With a lineup that is squarely focused on addressing the immense popularity of dessert centered vape juice, SaveurVape has delivered yet another winning selection. With Met4, SaveurVape introduced Golden Ticket, among other classic favorites which have been captivating vape enthusiasts since 2015. Whether you want to be transported to a west coach beach or a summertime festival, there is no shortage of outstanding options to choose from. Fair Grounds brings you a doughy fried cream cake, an impossibly indulgent creamy sponge cake sure to remind you of sweet summer nights. Pacific Sangha is SaveurVape’s spin on the ultra popular strawberry cream blend. Blending their unique cream base with ripe strawberries, this is not your standard strawberry cream. Flavor chasers far and wide have been looking for perfect milk chocolate vape for years. Met4 and SaveurVape have heard your calls. Golden Ticket surely is the big winner in the Met4 lineup. An homage to a certain chocolate dessert treat, and packaged in an appropriate golden box, Golden Ticket is a creamy and decadent milk chocolate bar. If you are in search of dessert flavors, Met4 is a must try thanks to their high quality delicious twist on popular flavor profiles. At Premium Vape Supply we are pleased to offer Met4 products at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping that you have come to expect.

Fair Grounds – A sweet summertime carnival dessert classic in a freshly-made deep fried cream cake.

Golden Ticket – A tasty trip down memory lane with your favorite chocolate milk with a rich creamy twist.

Pacific Sangha – A deliciously crafted combination of fresh strawberries blended into rich creamy milk.